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Why Choose Safeguards® Containment for your Spill Containment Needs?
MEI's products are used throughout dozens of industries in numerous applications ranging from tanker truck containment, drum containment, and tote containment to wash berms, spill pads, drip containment, potable water bladders, fuel bladders, HazMat decon and Spill Kits. We pride ourselves on solving your common or unique containment concerns. More than likely, we have already supplied companies with spill containment for situations just like yours!

Exclusive provider of Safeguards® Spill Containment products: Containment Berms, Decon Berms, Emergency Response Products, Wash Berms, Drip containment, Spill kits

Millennium Enterprises,Inc. which is the exclusive provider of SafeGuards® fuel berms, containment berms, decon berms, and other fuel spill containment products. Millennium Enterprises, Inc. also supplies reusable spill containment products, and other portable fuel spill containment products.From small drip containment concerns to large catastrophic SPCC related spill prevention, we have helped 1000's of companies and municipalities nationwide comply with federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

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Phone Number:
(877) 816-9716
Mailing Address:
Millennium Enterprises, Inc
P.O. Box 683186
Marietta, GA 30068
United States
Shipping Address:
4225 JVL Industrial Park Drive, Building 203
Marietta, GA 30066
United States